Seën Ventures, A different kind of company.

Seën means "blessing" (something that is beneficial).  At Seën Ventures, our mission is to enrich your website by creating captivating content that is accessible by all - on any device.

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Content Management Systems that run smoothly.

Need assistance keeping up with the changes to your WordPress or Cascade CMS? Why hire a full time employee to help manage your CMS when you can get an experienced team for less money? Hiring a full-time developer will cost you at LEAST $75,000 per year (including benefits). Make the smart choice and receive an on-call team of professionals, standing by to help resolve any issues or questions that arise. Accept the benefits of our experience at an exceptional price.

Web Accessibility: sites everyone can use

The easier your site is to navigate, the more likely the consumer is to stay. The longer a consumer stays on your site, the more likely they are to interact with the page, return later, make a purchase, and recommend. We want everyone who visits your site to have the same great experience, and ultimately feel like a valued guest.

Service Offerings

We offer a wide variety of custom web projects to meet your needs. If you have more long term needs, consider our CMS Substitute employee program. The national average for an entry level web developer is around $60,000 before benefits. Save thousands of dollars and gain years of experience!

Individual Projects

  • Responsive Redesign Implementation
  • Consultation Services
  • Custom Design Solutions:
    • Using HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery, PHP
    • Content Creation/Maintenance
  • Web Accessibility Services
    • Site Audit with Recommendations
    • Initial Web Accessibility Compliance (WCAG 2.1)

CMS Employee Substitute Program

  • Includes most Individual projects*, also:
    • Cascade CMS - Templates, Custom Page Setup, Module Setup, Workflows
    • Simplification of the End User Interface (Data Definition)
  • WordPress substitute program also available

* The following services would require additonal fees: Site Audits, Initial Accessibility Compliance, Full Site Redesign Services

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